At Berens, we like to work with each customer’s unique situation. Here is a list of some of the most common things we do for our clients. When you use our services, you can be rest assured that you are in expert hands.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons our clients need trees removed – from unhealthy trees, to trees that are simply in an inconvenient place in their yard. No job is too large or small for us. Give us a call for a free estimate.

Trimming & Shaping

Tree health relies heavily on trimming and shaping. Not only does it reduce the trees likelihood of becoming diseased, but it encourages proper air circulation, as well as reduces wind damage. Keep your trees healthy by trimming them.

Stump Grinding

Whether we have cut down your trees, or someone else has left a stump behind, Berens can quickly and efficiently grind and remove unsightly stumps to keep your lawn looking great and free of safety hazards.

ROW clearing

A right-of-way, or ROW, refers to the portion of land surrounding power lines that the Federal government requires proper vegetation management to ensure the efficiency of our electrical system. Proper ROW clearing also reduces power outages, as well as making sure electrical workers have proper access to lines in maintenance and emergency situations.

Bucket Truck

Currently, we own 4 bucket trucks, allowing us to access trees that may be too difficult for other companys to reach. This allows us to provide a much more versatile list of services than average.


Berens owns all of their own heavy machinery, making our reaction time much quicker than other companies, as we don’t rely on rental companies for our equipment. We currently own 3 cranes, which makes us very unique. We can haul out heavy lumber that the other guys just can’t do.

Log Truck

Owning our own log truck means that we can quickly and efficiently remove lumber from a job site.

Land Clearing

Have some land to clear? We are more than equiped to clean it up for you. Check out our equipment section to learn about the machinery we own.

New Construction

New construction requires everything from tree/stump removal, to land clearing, to lawn and shrub installation, and beyond. We can do it all. If you are looking into building your own home, or you are a construction company looking to form a relationship with a tree company that can handle it all, give us a call!

Lawn Installation

Have a new home and need a lawn installed? We can do that! Have a lawn covered in weeds, pits and divets? We can rip it out and re-install a fresh lawn. Give us a call for a free estimate! We’d love the help make your lawn beautiful.

Shrub Installation

Berens can help make your property look beautiful by installing appropriate shrubs and greenery. Leave it to an expert!

Downspout Installation

As much beauty as trees can provide, they can also provide some headaches. Clogging gutters and downspouts with leaves is one of those headaches. Make sure you have downspouts installed properly on your property to ensure proper water drainage so you don’t get leaking in your home or building. We can do that for you.

Snow Removal

Currently, we only offer commercial snow removal. We have accounts such as Kent State University main campus and The Strip in North Canton.