Not Your Average Tree Operation

At Berens, we are not limited to the smaller equipment of a typical tree company. We are constantly updating our equipment, which translates to more efficient and cost effective work for our customers. While many companies hire subcontractors with specialized equipment to fulfill certain aspects of your project, Berens owns all the necessary equipment and we do 100% of the work ourselves. This helps to keep costs down and gives you peace of mind knowing you have a skilled, qualified and protected company working on your real estate.

Cleanliness & Safety

We understand the importance of leaving little to no “footprint” on your property, so we make it a priority to make updates as technology changes in our industry. We are constantly improving our fleet by incorporating the newest state of the art equipment to better serve our customers. In recent years, this has included multiple 140’+ cranes capable of hoisting trees over your house from back to front without the need to drive over your lawn! Another great piece of equipment recently added is our "backyard bucket” – an excellent machine capable of shrinking down to 35" wide. This allows us access through small gates, then unfolds and extends to 83' tall! Machines like this ensure much safer work practices in hard-to-access areas.

The Very Best Employees & Equipment

It is also important to us that our customers feel comfortable and confident with their choice in us. We want you to be proud to say you use Berens for your work. For us, this means so much more than just showing up and trimming or removing your trees – it starts with our employees and includes background checks, drug screens, safe work practices, training and continuing education.

Our company image is also very important to us, as well as to our customers. Berens strives to set industry standards and be a leader in our field. We employ numerous mechanics that work diligently to keep our equipment looking fresh and running smoothly. Over the years, we have found the better equipment our employees have to work with, the better job they do with that equipment! Here at Berens we want our customers to feel excited and at ease when our trucks pull up to the job site knowing they are getting a safe, detail-oriented, professional job done by a standard-setting, industry-leading team of professional tree experts.

Current Fleet

Currently, we own 3 cranes, a log truck, 5 dump trucks, 4 bucket trucks, 5 skid steer, 3 excavator, 6 chip trucks, 4 chippers, 3 stump grinders, and 22 pickups/flatbed trucks.

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bucket truck