Not Your Average Tree Operation

At Berens, we are not limited to the smaller equipment of a typical tree company. And we are constantly updating to do more efficient and cost effective work. We do NOT hire subcontractors to complete our work on your property (example: other companies may hire a separate stump removal company or separate company with a crane). We own all of the necessary equipment your job may need, and do all of the work ourselves. This helps to keep costs down on both ends! And gives you peace of mind knowing you have a skilled, qualified and protected company working on your real estate.

Current Fleet

Currently, we own 3 cranes, a log truck, 5 dump trucks, 4 bucket trucks, 5 skid steer, 3 excavator, 6 chip trucks, 4 chippers, 3 stump grinders, and 22 pickups/flatbed trucks.

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bucket truck